International Delivery

International Delivery

International Delivery

Hello! I'm Uncle Mangabrería and I come to talk to you about an important topic, the "International Shipping".

It's not as complicated as I could paint. But if you have several issues to consider. So we'll do a little "Questions and Answers"

Why the cost of my shipment can not be quoted in real time like those made in Mexico?

As you know, if you have already made international purchases, there are multiple factors that influence international shipments such as customs, say something. And these are different for each country and they are constantly changing, they can not be measured or standardized.

Besides that the weight is much more important in these cases. A minimum change in the weight as it is a volume, can entail a difference in the weight of this and therefore in its price, for that reason the price of the shipment is quoted separately and with the package already armed to know the real weight and weight exact volume to give you correctly the price that your shipment will have.

Is it necessary to complete the purchase so you can tell me how much it would cost?

Yes, for reasons of practicality, both yours and ours. For the reason we mentioned above, we know exactly the measurements and weight of the final package.

Does it necessarily have to be by FedEx International?

At the moment yes, since it is the one that has the most accessible price for you in these cases. Besides, it is one of the safest for this kind of mailings

How long does it take this process?

Once we get the order as "Paid" (For these cases we recommend PayPal), it does not take more One day prepare the package and quote it with FedEx. At that time we would be communicating by email with you to provide you with the shipping and payment information.

Do I have to pay the volumes so they can be quoted?

That's right, since it would be quite complicated for we package and quote all the "unpaid" international orders that enter the platform (which are enough), since the vast majority are only fictitious purchases that never materialize.

In the end no I want to place the order, but the volumes already pay what is done in these cases?

Do not worry if the end The order can not be made. We do without problems the reimbursement of the paid volumes, less 5.00 MXN (Five Mexican pesos) or 0.3 USD (zero point three dollars) which are the expenses of packaging and the international quotation of the parcel.

How long does it take to get to my address?

It depends on many factors, but it takes between 1 or 2 weeks.

Is there a chance that they will be hit?

We try to minimize this possibility as much as possible. The packaging of these shipments is different, the volumes are more secure since this package will be much longer in transit than one shipped within Mexico.

We hope we have resolved all your doubts regarding international shipments. If you have another question that is not listed here, do not hesitate to send it to us via mail to


Atte: The Mangabrería team

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